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About Us

HumaneInterface is the oldest Crestron Services Provider in South Florida, and has decades of experience. We are the only Diamond CSP in the state, and have done hundreds of systems that grace residential, commercial, and marine installations in Florida and around the world. We are proud to be a member of the Crestron Advisory Board and advocate for the CSP community. 

What is a CSP? A Crestron Services Provider (CSP) is a skilled technology professional with extensive experience in meeting customer requirements using Crestron-based solutions.  CSP’s are top-level service providers, and have a breadth of experience unmatched by the majority of installation companies. In addition CSP’s have both access to communitybased resources exclusive to CSP’s, as well as expedited high-level support from Crestron, which allows CSP’s to quickly and efficiently provide solutions for customers more quickly than a dealer who may have a more specialized and localized client base. A CSP allows a dealer to focus on their customer base without being bogged down acquiring often specialized technical knowledge.

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