The End of Flash

Flash is gone!

Fortunately not Grandmaster Flash and his Furious Five, but the Flash from Adobe that was the mainstay of almost every website for years, despite its myriad of problems and accessibility issues.

Why am I mentioning this? Flash was End of Life in 2020, and we’re halfway thru 2022 right now. Because despite it’s demise, Flash is still present in many devices, such as RoomView-connected projectors and displays, and Crestron-Connected devices.  Even Crestron-manufactured devices such as old Pyng-Hub’s, 3-series processors, and DMPS3 processors used embedded Flash webpages for configuration and/or diagnostics. 

With Flash officially deprecated, and well-behaved browsers refusing to even launch the plug-in, what does one do when an older device must be controlled?

Crestron has released special xPanel interfaces to replicate most of the features that were hidden behind those Flash interfaces, and their Answer ID 1000740 has links to the downloadable files.  Besides the appropriate .c3p file from the website, you will also need to have xPanel for Windows or xPanel for Mac installed on your system.  When you open the .c3p file and connect to the target device, you will be able to access the settings previously available through Flash.   The Answer ID with more details is available here. 

In addition to Crestron’s solution, Harman Group (now part of Samsung) has support for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air. See here for details.