Crestron VC-4 Virtual Control Processor

Crestron’s release of VC-4 and newly added support for SIMPL Windows is a major advance in flexibility for new jobs. VC-4 allows installation of a virtual server on a Linux-based computer or appliance, with all IO handled by network devices.  VC-4 initially supported SIMPL#, Crestron’s newest language which is C#-based, but with the addition of SIMPL Windows support it significantly expands the capabilities of deploying jobs amidst the ongoing supply chain difficulties experienced by all manufacturers.  

In cases where local IR, serial, or Cresnet capabilities are needed, VC-4 allows use of most Crestron expanders such as CEN-IO devices for IR, relays, and serial, DIN-CENCN-2 to add Cresnet expansion, or CEN-CI3-1/3 expansion chassis to use 3-series or 4-series plugin expansion cards.  There are also IO devices from 3rd parties that will work with Crestron VC-4 installations, such as the devices made by Global Cach√©

In addition, VC-4 can use existing 3-series or 4-series processors directly as slaves…. and with a little finagling, it can be made to use even older 2-series processors.  

Crestron has also announced a revision to the licensing of VC-4, still with a 90-free license for initial rollout and testing but now with a flat lifetime license after that.  Crestron also has online resources for training VC-4 available on their website, along with upcoming deep dive technical webinars from the project managers. 

For more information, visit Crestron’s website or see the press release on VC-4.